Virtual Coloscopy
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With the SCAN and a sophisticated computer software, the virtual coloscopy allows the specialist to see the inside of the colon for an early and precise diagnosis of polyps, which could be indicators of colon cancer.

This high technology exam is safe and non invasive and sedation is not required. Its scanning rate is as precise as optical coloscopy ( >90%), and clearly superior to the barium enema (80%).

Colon cancer is a very devastating cancer and is the second cause of death by cancer. It first starts with a benign lesion of a few millimeters and develops very slowly over years before growing to about 1 cm or more and becoming cancerous. So, this exam can detect these very small polyps and remove them (by optical coloscopy) and in doing so, prevent a cancer.

It is recommended to undergo this exam every 5 years for all men and women age 50 and up. It is also recommended to undergo an optical coloscopy every 3 years for the patients who have polyps measuring between 6 and 9mm and are at high risk.

This exam also allows the global evaluation of other abdominal and pelvic organs (liver, spleen, pancreas, aorta, kidneys…) seen on the CT images.

Risk factors for colon cancer:
• Men and women 50 years of age and over
• Family history of colon cancer
• Diet rich in fats, low in fibers
• No physical exercises
• Previous cancers: breast, uterus, prostate, others…

Evolution of the exam:
In order to get high quality images during the exam, a 24 hour preparation based on a liquid diet and laxatives to clean the colon is necessary. The exam which lasts 15 minutes is done with a scanner of very high resolution with 16 detectors. Two sets of images are taken, on your stomach and on your back, after the insufflation of CO2 in the colon.

Afterwards, the 3D images are reconstructed by the most sophisticated software available (Viatronix) and studied by the radiologist.

This exam is safe and no prior medication or sedation is necessary. It is therefore not necessary to be accompanied and you can go back to work or to your normal activities right after the exam.

If you do not complete the preparation for the exam, be sure to advise the technologist before the exam. Any cardiac or renal problem should be mentioned also because the type of laxative used in the preparation will be different. If you are on any medication, you should take them as usual (with as little water as possible) the morning of the exam.
Diabetic patients should check their blood sugar level often during the preparation and the morning of the exam.

Virtual Coloscopy  
Including products and coloring agents necessary for the preparation $ 595
Price subject to change without notice
Preparation : Attention! There are 3 different preparations
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Normal preparation
Preparation for patients 65 years of age and over
Preparation for patients with cardiac or renal insufficiency
When arriving for your appointment, make sure you have:
The consultation request from your doctor.
• Your health insurance card and the way you intend to pay.
• The images on CD and results of prior exams related to your present exam.

Arrive 15 to 30 minutes earlier to find a parking space and to open your file.
Spécifications :
Time of the exam
about 30 minutes
Digital apparatus used: BIOGRAPH 16 from Siemens
Copie of images : Upon request, the images will be copied on CD (no charge for the first copy and 10$ for each additional copy.