Ultrasound; general and specialized

With appointment only

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The ultrasound is a simple examination, fast and non invasive and without radiation. Ultrasounds are used to create an image.

The ultrasound exam is indicated in the following investigations:

Abdomen, pelvis (endo-vaginal), obstetrical (foetal), breasts, thyroid, testicles, muscular-skeletal, (infiltration in the joints – calcium wash-out, cyst puncture), prostate (biopsy), heart.

The Doppler allows a more specific study of the cardiovascular circulation . It is indicated for the following investigations:
Heart – Carotids – Arteries and veins of the limbs – Renal and digestive arteries.

General Ultrasound  
Abdominal and renal $ 0
Pelvic $ 0
Abdominal and pelvic $ 0
Surface (mass) $ 0
Testicles $ 0
Thyroïd $ 0
Specialized Ultrasound
Cardiac $ 250
Pelvic endo-vaginal $ 0
Musculo-squelettic $ 0
Cervico-encephalic (carotid) $ 0
Calcium wash-out/calcification puncture by ultrasound $ 0
Ultrasound guided cortisone infiltration $ 0
Price subject to change without notice

*These exams are done in our associate clinics.

Examens requérant une préparation
Abdominal and renal ultrasound
Arterial renal or digestive doppler
Fasting: do not eat, drink or smoke for at least 5 hours before the examination
Obstetrical (foetal) ultrasound
Pelvic trans-vesical ultrasound
Pelvic endo-vaginal ultrasound
Prostatic trans-vesical ultrasound
Drink 700ml (3 big glasses) of liquid 1-1/2 hour before your appointment. Do not urinate before the examination.
Prostatic trans-rectal biopsy
(Bring the result of PSA: a biopsy is generally done if the PSA is 4 or more)
Buy a Fleet enema and administer one hour before the examination. With a doctor’s prescription, buy 3 tablets of Cipro XL 1000mg ; take 1 the night before the examination, 1 the day of the examination and the last one the day after the examination. Stop all anti-coagulant medicine one week before the examination (AINS, Coumadin, Entrophen, Novasen, Aspirin, Plavix, Ticlid).
When arriving for your appointment, make sure you have:
The consultation request from your doctor.
• Your health insurance card and the way you intend to pay.
• The images on CD and results of prior exams related to your present exam.

Arrive 15 to 30 minutes earlier to find a parking space and to open your file.
Specifications :
Length of the exam : about 15 minutes
Digital apparatus used: APLIO from Toshiba

Copies of reports andimages : Upon request, the report wil be copied (fee of 5$) and the images will be copied on CD (fee of 10$