Magnetic Resonance
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Magnetic resonance is an exam without radiation which uses a powerful magnetic field, waves of radio frequency, receptive antennas and a highly perfected computerized system.

Ours three sophisticated magnetic resonance apparatus, permit the detection of lesions which would not be visible with other apparatus, such as radiography, ultrasound or scanner (CT), because the magnetic resonance can differentiate between the tissues, which is unique in this type of imaging. For example, in the resonance of the knee, identification of the ligaments, meniscus and peri-articular tissues in addition to the bone itself can be obtained.

montage-videoMoreover, our newest device has the very latest and best technology currently on the market. Its grand opening of 70 cm instead of 60 cm and its short tunnel of 125cm instead of 160 cm accommodated claustrophobic patients and those with weight surplus.

Magnetic resonance holds a very important role in the imaging of the nervous system, the musculo-skeletal system and the circulatory system, allowing a precise and detailed evaluation of the brain, the spine, the bone marrow, the articulations, the blood vessels (stenosis, aneurysm) and the breasts. It can also be useful in the characterization of certain aldomino-pelvic lesions.

Breast MRI has well-defined indications. The main ones are :
    1. Evaluation of breast implants
    2. Breast cancer screening for high risk female patients or having a genetic mutation (BrCa1, BrCa2..)
    3. Detection of an unknow primary cancer with a metastasis diagnosis
    4. Follow-up investigation after conventional mammography, ultrasound or/and non-decisive biopsy
    5. Responce to an oncology treatment
      MRI is sensitive to infiltrating cancers larger than 3mm. MRI is less sensitive for in situ cancers and low grade infiltrating cancers.

      Magnetic resonance or (RMI)  
      Brain $ 650
      Polygon of Willis $ 815
      Spine 1 segment $ 650
      Spine 2 segments (6 sequences) $ 805
      Spine 3 segments (9 sequences) $ 965
      Cervical spine and brachial plexus $ 785
      ENT $ 650
      Ostéo-articular $ 650
      Breasts $ 750
      Abdomen $ 715
      Thorax $ 715
      Pelvis $ 715
      Supplement for infusion of Gadolinium $ 100
      Arthro MRI (with Gladolinium) $ 700
      Abdominal and renal angio (with Gladolinium) $ 895
      Angio of the lower limbs (with Gladolinium) $ 950
      Aortic arch angiogram $ 950
      Prices subject to change without notice

      Preparation : do not wear any make-up or jewelry during the exam
      When arriving for your appointment, make sure you have:
      The consultation request from your doctor.
      • Your health insurance card and the way you intend to pay.
      • The images on CD and results of prior exams related to your present exam.

      Arrive 15 to 30 minutes earlier to find a parking space and to open your file.
      Spécifications :
      Length of examination: about 30 à 60 minutes depending on the exam.
      Apparatus used: MAGNETOM HARMONY from  Siemens
      MAGNETOM AVANTO from Siemens
      MAGNETOM ESPREE from Siemens to openness to accommodate the claustrophobic
      Copies of images : On request, the images taken during the exam will be copied on CD ( no charge for the first copy and 10$ for each additional cop

      Occasionaly there is injection of a substance (Gadolinium) to increase the sensitivity of detection of lesions or characterization.

      Resonance is a very safe examination without side effects. There are however a few absolute contraindications such as pacemaker,etc. It is important to note any surgery prior or equipment such as surgical aneurysm clips, implants,etc.