General Radiology

See our services for a complete list of reviews

General radiology exam require no appointment.

Simply go to the reception with the original request signed by your doctor and your medicare card valid.

Monday to friday : from 9 h à 16 h 30

The following exams are available only by appointment.

General and specialized ultrasound
Bone densitometry
Specialized radiology*
Magnetic resonance MRI*
Axial tomography (scan)*
Virtual coloscopy*
Dental imaging dental implant*
(PET-CT)Positron emission tomography*

These examinations are offered our clinical  partners who give you flexibility to schedule and proximity that adapt to your availabilities.

Clinical Radiology IDS organizes your appointment at your convenience. Call us at  514-687-2323

For a complete list of reviews see our services and our rates list for ultrasound, magnetic resonance(MRI), computed tomography (scan),virtual coloscopy, dental imaging and tomography(PET-CT) positron emission tomography.

To get an appointment, you can :

Call at 
Monday to friday : from  9 h et 16 h 30

For any information regarding your examination.
Go to the clinic :
Monday to friday : from 9 h et 16 h 30
Bring the original request signed by your doctor
Fax both sides of your request for examination at  514-687-3343
Or for MRI, fax your request for examination as well as the questionnaire, if available, completed and signed by you and your physician at  514-687-3343

Please make sure that your name and telephone numbers(home and work) are clearly indicated.

We will contact you within 24 hours after receipt of the application to fix the date of the appointment in a short time.

If available, also send us the questionnaire prior to appointment of MRI, completed and signed bye you and your doctor.
Digitize(scanner) both sides of your request for examination (in compressed JPEG or GIF format) and send it by e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . However, data transmission is not secure. 
Attention: CSST and SAAQ cases

We musr ask for an examination authorization before scheduling your appointment.

Send us your doctor's  request. along with your coordinates, your CSST or SAAQ file number with the name of the agent in charge of your case and his/her Fax number.
When arriving for your appointment, make sure you have:
The consultation request from your doctor.
• Your health insurance card and the way you intend to pay.
• The images on CD and results of prior exams related to your present exam.

Arrive 15 to 30 minutes earlier to find a parking space and to open your file.