About our Center of Medical Imaging Radiology IDS
Radiology IDS is the result of the  collaboration between two major imaging centres in the region of greater Montreal, ResoScan CLM and MedIRM-Radiology Medicenter LaSalle.
Radiology IDS is the first and most unique medical imaging center of Nun's Island. It features the latest digital technologies in acquisition, archives and transmission of exam information. A team of technologists and 25 specialized radiologists guarantee the highest standards of care and exams quality in a safe and friendly environment. Graphie
Radiology IDS  offers a variety of radiological exams such as, bone densitometry, a full range of ultrasound exams including musculoskeletal sonography, echo-guided infiltrations and interventions, Doppler blood flow, foetal and endo-cavitary ultrasound and many others. Imagerie-2
Radiology IDS plans and organizes all your hi-tech exams in one of our two partners centers, such as mammography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (scan), virtual colonoscopy and (PET- CT) positron emission tomography. Thanks to both of our imaging centers  we are able to offer you appointments to your convenience in the shortest delay possible. Imagerie-3
Radiology IDS is located in the center of Nun's Island business district. In the same building you will find:
• A new emergency
• A team of general practiceners and specialists
• Laboratory
• Institute for Poly Surgery in Montreal
• New premises with access to digital imaging files

Our partners

ResoScan CLM  was founded in 1973 in Greenfield Park, on the South shore of Montreal, by physicians and  radiologists of the hospital Charles LeMoyne, which is affiliated with the Universite of Sherbrooke. Since its beginning Resoscan CLM has grown to become one of the most important medical center in Quebec. It is one of the few clinics to have 2 magnetic resonance (MRI) machines, high-tech equipment and services for positron emission tomography (PET - CT) in addition to tomography (scan), virtual Colonoscopy, dental imaging, ultrasound, radiology, mammography and bone densitometry.
MedIRM-Radiologie Medicentre LaSalle was founded in 1972 in LaSalle. Physicians Verdun Hospital radiologists and several other specialists were given a mandate to ensure the quality and development of exams. Now it is the largest center for medical imaging of LaSalle, Verdun, Lachine, the Southwest of Montreal and the South Shore. Among other things, it features the latest magnetic resonance technologies. It's MRI machine is equipped with a short and wide tunnel which decreases the anxiety in claustrophobic patients and allows obese patients to be comfortable during the exam. Imagerie-5