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Radiology IDS is partner in a group of three Radiology clinics who offer a full range of medical imaging services with appointments in the shortest delay possible. We offer an efficient, fast and flexible service that adapts to your needs and your schedule. Our team of highly specialized radiologists and professionals provide you with exams done with high-performance technology digital equipment. As soon as the images and report of your exam are available, your doctor can access them quickly and safely via the internet.
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Available exams in the Radiology IDS center Exams available in one of our affiliated clinics.
» General radiology
» General ultrasound
» Specialized ultrasound
» Bone densitometry

» Specialized radiology*
» Mammography*
» Magnetic resonance (MRI)*
» Computerized axial tomography (CT Scan)*
» Virtual coloscopy
» Bone assessment for dental implant*
» Positron emission tomography(PET Scan)*
*The exams mentionned on the right column are offered in one of our affiliated clinics..
The inauguration of Radiology IDS on Nun's Island  integrates perfectly with the philosophy shared by our 3 clinical partners, because they offer diverse quality and flexible services that adapt to your schedule and your specific needs.

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